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Radiant E-Barrier

Choosing to install a radiant E Barrier System is entirely up to the home owner but remember each and every day you do not have a properly functioning energy efficient attic is a day wasted paying more for your utilities. Your home will be more comfortable and energy-efficient once a Radiant E Barrier has been installed.


What is Spray-on Radiant Barrier?


Spray-on Radiant Barrier is essentially a “liquid foil” coating... we all know that foil is a heat barrier. There are many out on the market, but our firm recommends Sherwin Williams E-Barrier reflective paint.

What is Radiant Energy?


Radiant energy comes from the sun in waves. When those waves strike the roof of a home or building, the roof absorbs that heat, creating increased temperatures in the attic, which is eventually transferred throughout the building. On warm days, this radiant heat results in increased air conditioning costs. On cool days, this radiant heat comes from an inside source, such as the heater, and escapes through the attic. Heat and energy costs are literally going out the roof.


This transfer of heat is called emissivity. The lower the emissivity or e-rating, the better the product is the better it is at preventing radiant heat energy from entering or leaving the building. Sherwin Williams E – Barrier has a low emissivity rating. E-Barrier has been tested by studies with utility companies. Engineers have verified that the product E – Barrier made by Sherwin Williams has a low emissivity of .32 and this means that if installed properly, up to 68% of the radiant energy is reflected back*.


E-Barrier is a single component, latex based coating. It does not require any mixing. It goes on just like paint with and airless sprayer. It goes on fast and dries fast and is a low odor product unlike some two part epoxy based systems.


How is it Applied?


Radiant barrier spray paints are sprayed directly on the underside of the roof deck.


Return on Investment.


A radiant barrier, depending on the type of barrier, can usually pay for itself in between 2-5 years. Other factors such as utility rates going up can reduce that time frame *.


* Energy savings will vary depending on building materials, home location and conditions


Your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient with a Radiant E-Barrier from Sherwin Williams and applied by our firm.


Example of how the simplest of structures – a pole barn in South Texas – can benefit from a radiant spray barrier system. “Radiant Barrier Technologies testing site”

In order for your home to function properly, it must have good ventilation. Putting on a good roof material and having a good installation is all well and good, but to not have the proper ventilation required will cause your roof and home to suffer.


Problems brought on by improper ventilation:

  • Attic heat can reach over 150 degrees in some climates.

  • Shingles will blister and deteriorate.

  • Shingles will dry out and the granular material will come off.

  • Cracks can appear in the underlayment creating leaks.

  • Moisture will build up and create mold.

  • Moisture will create rot in the wood surfaces in and around the soffit overhang.

  • Utility bills will increase.

  • Reduced life on air conditioning and heating equipment will take place.

  • Repair bills will increase.

  • Leaks will increase.


At the JP Allen Co. we strive to keep our customers in the know when it comes to proper ventilation requirements. We walk our jobs and review the existing ventilation and see if there are potential problems. If so, we tell the owner and let them decide. To see some videos on why proper attic ventilation is a must go, watch the following videos:


Here are the reasons why:

  • Lower utility cost and increased thermal comfort – A homeowner will see and feel the rewards of their investment.

  • Durability – E-Barrier is durable and last a long time with little or no maintenance.

  • Ease of Clean up – Since it is water based it is easy to clean up and emits no long term odors as does some two part component e barriers.

  • Breathability – Damaging moisture vapors won’t be trapped in the wood substrates.


E-Barrier installations can reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 15% as certified by an independent testing laboratory.*


* Energy savings will vary depending on building materials, home location and conditions.

At the JP Allen Co., we strive to keep our customers in the know when it comes to Energy Efficiency. Let us show you how you too can benefit from a spray Radiant E-Barrier System today.


Contact one of our offices near you to find out how the JP Allen Co. can help you with your roof ventilation problems.

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Proper Attic Ventilation – The reasons why having it can benefit the home owner

Let one of our roofing consultants show you how you too can save money with proper attic roof insulation.


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Contact one of our offices near you to find out how the JP Allen Co. can help you with your roof ventilation problems.