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Guidelines For Making A Claim

If you as a business or home owner have recently had damages as the result of a catastrophe our representatives will work with you to file your claim.

Making a Claim:

1. Contact your insurance company and agent immediately. Get a claim number assigned to your loss and find your insurance policy. Write down the storm date and all pertinent data on the storm i.e. winds/rain etc. Set up a date with the insurance company to establish an adjustment date.


2. Contact your roofing insurance specialist “J P Allen Co.” 1-866-JP ALLEN


3. Follow up: Once contacted, a representative of JP Allen Co. will come and do a thorough, free-roof inspection and take pictures of damaged areas.


4. A representative of the JP Allen Co. will contact your insurance carrier, verify the adjustment date, and meet on site with the adjuster to achieve the best claim for the business or home owner.


5. Filing the Claim: Your trained JP Allen Co. representative will file your claim and any supplements that need to be completed. It is our goal to keep the home owner from coming out-of-pocket.


6. Insurance Payments:

Number 1 – Partial payment based on the policy less any depreciation. This payment is based on the age the condition of the roof and the value in today’s market to replace it.

Deductible – The amount that the home owner would be liable to pay to a roofing company.

Number 2 – Once a certificate of completion is done and/or the permit closed out by the proper authorities, our JP Allen Co. rep will request the final payment. This payment will have to be, in most cases, signed off and approved by the lien holder if there is a mortgage.

From the day that you contact our friendly staff, you will be treated cordially and with respect. Our staff of competent personnel is versed in all types of roof construction, insurance repairs, and general construction. Your roofing division sales representative is trained in house by the management staff in the art of insurance claims and the proper follow up procedures for claims expediting.


Contact one of our offices nearest you to find out how the JP Allen Co. can help you with your insurance claim and your roofing problems.


Disaster Recovery

JP Allen Co specializes in and has a history of experience in providing disaster response services in the industry. Specializing in Commercial and Residential Roofing Disaster work we can send out our disaster response team that can assemble on a project to get it weathered in. With a strong and experienced staff, access to materials and manpower, we can quickly reduce the limit of exposure to wind and rain and the other elements that so quickly ravage a building after a storm.



Once our team is on site we will quickly stabilize the damaged areas and make sure that we mitigate any further damages by performing preventative repairs as assessed. We will subsequently perform a full survey of the damages, recommend or hire consultants to assist, and report the findings and costs using the industry standard Xactimate software.


Our team leaders will be available to meet with the insurance companies adjusters and go over the costs of the damages. Time and effort will be spent to make sure that each component of the loss is assessed and a fair and reasonable price for the repairs is agreed to.

Ruined house

We provide multiple project site work scopes: From immediate emergency repair work, blue tarp work, damage assessments, and on site project site supervision, installation and project management the JP Allen Company has your needs covered.


With years of experience in General Construction, we offer more than others. Our principal’s resume is long and extensive breadth and depth in building projects from interiors all the way up to the first Enron Tower in Houston, Texas.



During the fall of 2005, and again in 2006, the coastal states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana were pummeled by a succession of strong Atlantic hurricanes.


JP Allen was enlisted by a local firm to go down to help out with the ravaged Gulf Coast area. Stationed out of Pascagoula MS, working with PSM and in conjunction with Commercial Roofers LLC of Arlington, TX and Affiliated Companies of Dallas, TX, JP Allen provides estimating, coordination, project management, procurement, on site management, and supervision for many of the largest roofing projects under way. In addition to that, there we a myriad of smaller roofing projects and construction projects that had to be done during the over two years spent in the area.

Houses on grass

The area of Bay St Louis, MS was close to the epicenter of land fall for Hurricane Katrina and out of that came projects such as the Hancock County Courthouse with its tile roof and hot mop roof work. In addition to that was the largest casino in Bay St. Louis the Casino Magic Hotel. The project consisted of several jobs such as green metal mansard seventeen stories in the air on a 40 degree slope, TPO roofing on the main casino, TPO roofing on the two story mechanical building, a green mansard roof on the golf club house, and Mule Hide applied coatings on the offsite warehouse and the golf cart maintenance building.



The team brings not only its high quality team to the table during a disaster, but its Resource Team:

ABC Supply Company

Bradco Supply

Mule Hide




Johns Manville Corp

Home Depot

The devastated city of Biloxi, MS in September of 2005 was trying to rebuild. Teaming with Affiliated, PSM, Commercial Roofers, LLC, JP Allen was tasked with managing and supervising the over 1,400 Squares of blue Met-Tile metal roofing that needed to be installed on the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino. This project was not started until the first of October and had to be completed by Christmas for a grand re-opening of the casino. Working seven days a week was almost the norm during this period. In addition to having to furnish and install a new roof, the team had to take off what was left of the over 1,400 squares of damaged metal roofing. The results spoke for themselves – On time as expected.

In August of 2008, the devastating Hurricane Ike came ashore just east of Houston, Texas. Our firm went down and performed a re-roof of over 1,250 square of GAF high definition shingles nailing them down to exceed the code in the area for which the property was built. The project was University Trace Town Home Association.

Tall buildings

Preventative Maintenance

Our sales staff prides ourselves as being client-service oriented and our customers come first with us. Our services include commercial roofing systems, repairs and emergency repair and insurance work.


Preventative Maintenance Guidelines: Do’s And Don’ts


A building owner or property manager knows that ongoing maintenance of the roofing system is part of building ownership. To not perform the maintenance as required by the manufacturer’s terms and conditions will void the guarantee agreement and void any and all warranties related to the installation of or materials installed. Here are some things to think about if you are an Owner or Building Manager.



  • Perform inspections during the life of the roof but no less than at least twice a year of as required by the guarantee. The optimum time to perform inspections is at the end of winter and the end of summer when roofs have gone through the greatest amount of thermal stress.

  • Check your roof frequently for any trouble spots each time you are on it. Look for clogged drains in the spring and fall of the year.

  • Keep a file of all records and inspection reports relating to your roof and its installation and warranty.

  • Notify all roof top equipment service personnel to be careful handling tools and heavy equipment on the roof. Provide a plan for them to protect the roof while working. Log in all such trips to the roof.

  • Keep your roof free and clean of debris and potential contaminates.

  • Establish a rooftop control policy. Keep access doors and hatches closed and locked at all times. Advise anyone going up on the roof to be careful.

  • We also pride ourselves on “Honesty and Integrity” and we will work with our Clients to ensure that their project experience will be handled promptly and efficiently.

  • Insurance claims are one of our specialties. Claims will be handled quickly and efficiently and if the claim is roof related, we will respond immediately if at all possible. We want the “roofing experience” of our clients to be handled by our staff promptly and with the least hardship to the Owner or Property Manager during the process.



  • Allow unqualified personnel to work on or maintain your roof. By doing so, you've just voided the warranty.

  • Allow any personnel, supplier or subcontractor/service personnel to make penetrations into your roof; these are to be made by an approved roofing contractor who is certified by the manufacturer.

  • Power wash your roof. You may cause unintended damage and irreversible harm which may lead to an extensive and expensive patch.

  • Puncture the membrane for any reason without an approved roofing contractor doing the work.

  • Move any heavy equipment across the roof.

  • A good guideline for commercial roofing maintenance can be found on the Johns Manville Roofing Systems. Here you can view JM’s recommended preventative maintenance plan for a commercial roof system.


If you are an Owner or Building Manager that has a commercial membrane system similar to TPO, PVC or EPDM, you can visit one of our selected vendor sites at By browsing their website, you can better understand the differences between the three roofing types and the maintenance issues.


It is our job to make the Owner and Building Management firms understand that we are here for them. We want them to be pro-active in keeping the life cycle of their roof going to and beyond the warranty period’s end. To that end, we can work with the client to come up with a Customized Roofing Maintenance Plan for each property and tailor that to the client's yearly budget outlay for each fiscal year that the building is in warranty. By doing this, the Owner and/or Property Manager feels comfortable that the roof is being properly maintained and barring any improper work by others being done, the roof will last through the warranty period.


Let one of our Commercial roofing sales associates meet with you and tailor a Customized Roofing Maintenance Plan for your building today.

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JP Allen Co has a reputation of providing good quality service and from time to time has called upon other contractors, who hold those standards, to Joint Venture projects that are of the size in nature that need quick and immediate attention. If you are an owner, do not let our size deter you from calling on us. We can man up and respond as evidenced by our photo gallery.